ross perot’s office

March 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

I watched a Steve Jobs documentary on PBS the other night, which was engaging (as expected), but what really caught my attention was a small segment on former presidential candidate Ross Perot. While explaining his financial investment in Jobs’ Next company, Perot held the interview from his surprisingly well-decorated office. Who knew this Texan had some interior design style? Check it out:

This is not your typical let’s-get-down-to-business space. How beautiful are those bright red wingback chairs? Pairing them with the floral rug makes the space feel cozy and styled.

The walls of framed pictures and portraits help the room to feel more like a comfortable study and less like a sterile work environment.

Bravo Ross! Check out more of his office space (including his vast collection of military memorabilia) in this story from

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easter crafts

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It’s that time again! Now that St. Patrick’s day is behind us, you can really get ready for spring with these super easy Easter crafts. I made these tabletop pinatas for Woman’s Day using a combination of tissue paper and crepe paper and materials from around the house (seriously, that’s it!).

I love how inexpensive and festive they are. Check out the full instructions plus more ideas in April issue of Woman’s Day or just click right here. Have fun!

photos by lucas allen

jonathan adler toilet paper covers

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Coming to a bathroom near you! Cottonelle (that’s right, the toilet paper company) hired Jonathan Adler to design toilet paper covers featuring his signature mod, colorful patterns. While the look of plain toilet paper rolls doesn’t bother me, these boxes (at $1.99 a pop) may be the cheapest Adler-patterned storage containers you’ll ever find. I’d like to pick up a couple for organizing small bathroom items and unused cables on my desk.

On a side note, my initial thought when I saw these was, “Finally! Awesome tissue box designs!” But no such luck. My fingers are crossed that tissue companies take note and kick those tired floral designs to the curb.

via How About Orange

cactus toothpick holder

January 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Since moving to the southwest a few months ago, I’ve developed quite a soft spot for cacti. We had an especially hot and dry summer here in Austin, with most grass and plants withering away in the 107+ degree heat. Cacti and other succulents were often the only greenery around, so it was always a thrill to spot them thriving in people’s yards, despite the harsh conditions.

I adore this sweet little cactus toothpick holder, which keeps its prickly parts on the inside. It seems like the perfect reminder for summertime that will be here before we know it. Pick up your own summer icon at Plastica, right here.

pieces that add punch

November 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

I recently started contributing stories to California Home + Design’s beautiful new website, and this roundup of colorful home decor is the first. Color is a subject that’s close to my heart, so I really enjoyed pulling together the brightest things that I could find. As an added bonus, has designed their roundups so that all of the products are displayed at once, which creates an especially stunning a visual impact with a group like this. Check out this story and the rest of the site right here.

nube green’s upcycled furniture

November 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Like a moth being drawn to a flame, I felt an incredible urge to stare at, sit in and own one of these patterned seats immediately after stumbling upon them. Made by Seattle-based NuBe Green, these vintage chairs and sofas have had their springs retied and then have been reupholstered with vintage wool blankets.

I love that what you see from the front…

isn’t the same from the back.

Because NuBe Green’s designers mix and match vintage wool blankets, no two pieces will look exactly alike. It’s great how graphic these cozy blankets look when they’re fitted and positioned just so on the tailored upholstery.

You can check out the pieces that have been upholstered and are ready to go on NuBe Green’s site right here. You can also contact them directly about having a custom piece made, which could be especially wonderful if you have a favorite old blanket that you’re like to enjoy in a new way.

halloween crafts

October 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Halloween may be just around the corner, but you still have time to prepare for the revelers and trick-or-treaters. For Country Living‘s October issue, I decoupaged this Funkin pumpkin (the faux kind that you can use year after year!) with images of bugs and critters from Pictorial Webster’s: A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities. Decoupage may sound like a fancy word, but just mix school glue with water, and you’re in business. Check out the full instructions right here.

For a good scare, give out these finger-shaped pens as favors. They’re the perfect sugar-free alternative to candy, and a snap to make. For an extra creep factor, be sure to use red ink pens instead of black for a subtle hint of blood. Check out the full instructions here.

Happy Halloween!

pumpkin photo by Dana Gallagher; finger pen photo by Seth Smoot