nube green’s upcycled furniture

November 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Like a moth being drawn to a flame, I felt an incredible urge to stare at, sit in and own one of these patterned seats immediately after stumbling upon them. Made by Seattle-based NuBe Green, these vintage chairs and sofas have had their springs retied and then have been reupholstered with vintage wool blankets.

I love that what you see from the front…

isn’t the same from the back.

Because NuBe Green’s designers mix and match vintage wool blankets, no two pieces will look exactly alike. It’s great how graphic these cozy blankets look when they’re fitted and positioned just so on the tailored upholstery.

You can check out the pieces that have been upholstered and are ready to go on NuBe Green’s site right here. You can also contact them directly about having a custom piece made, which could be especially wonderful if you have a favorite old blanket that you’re like to enjoy in a new way.

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