jonathan adler toilet paper covers

January 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Coming to a bathroom near you! Cottonelle (that’s right, the toilet paper company) hired Jonathan Adler to design toilet paper covers featuring his signature mod, colorful patterns. While the look of plain toilet paper rolls doesn’t bother me, these boxes (at $1.99 a pop) may be the cheapest Adler-patterned storage containers you’ll ever find. I’d like to pick up a couple for organizing small bathroom items and unused cables on my desk.

On a side note, my initial thought when I saw these was, “Finally! Awesome tissue box designs!” But no such luck. My fingers are crossed that tissue companies take note and kick those tired floral designs to the curb.

via How About Orange

cactus toothpick holder

January 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Since moving to the southwest a few months ago, I’ve developed quite a soft spot for cacti. We had an especially hot and dry summer here in Austin, with most grass and plants withering away in the 107+ degree heat. Cacti and other succulents were often the only greenery around, so it was always a thrill to spot them thriving in people’s yards, despite the harsh conditions.

I adore this sweet little cactus toothpick holder, which keeps its prickly parts on the inside. It seems like the perfect reminder for summertime that will be here before we know it. Pick up your own summer icon at Plastica, right here.

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